No one thinks about latte art like Anita Tam. The driving force behind the revival of the US Latte Art Championship—and perhaps latte art re-emerging as cool again—the Slow Pour Supply founder sees rosettas and swans and tulips not as mere doodles in milk but as a connection point between barista and customer. If we eat with our eyes first, latte art is the first step in tasting an espresso drink.

With Slow Pour Supply, Tam has curated a selection of fine coffee gear for artisans to enhance the craft of latte art, selecting from manufacturers the world over who share in her obsession. But now, Tam and Slow Pour Supply have created a milk pitcher of their very own. Introducing the Kimera, a patented three-spout milk pitcher created to maximize functionality and precision in pouring, no matter the design.

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Over five years in the making, the Kimera was made in conjunction with Hong Kong-based-WPM, a pitcher maker Slow Pour Supply has frequently collaborated with and carried in their store for some time now. Each of the three spouts of the handleless pitcher serves a different purpose. The rounded spout is “engineered for a versatile flow” for designs like hearts and stacked and wing tulips. The narrow spout is better at creating patterns requiring finer lines, like rosettas and wing-based tulips. The third option is an all-new shape. Made in collaboration with WPM, the tapered spout offers high precious pours, like a “fine-tipped pen,” that makes it “ideal for intricate combination pours, particularly in a drag and draw style.”

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Photo by Steven Cromer for Slow Pour Supply, used with permission.

The 500ml pitcher is wrapped in a soft-touch silicone “futuristic wave” sleeve for safe, comfortable handling. The first release of the Kimera comes in black as well as a limited run of an exclusive bubble gum pink colorway. Priced at $88, the Kimera will be on pre-order shortly via the Slow Pour Supply website, with orders starting to ship out in early April. Interested parties can sign up to receive notifications for when the pre-order officially opens.

A skilled craftsperson requires a precision tool, and with the Kimera, Slow Pour Supply lets latte artists switch between spouts in a single pour, allowing them to take their creations to new heights. For more information, visit Slow Pour Supply’s official website.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.