Sometimes an espresso machine needs to have smoked glass panels and copper plated tanks and interior LED sparkles, okay? Just look at this stunning custom espresso machine from our partners at Slayer, hand built in Seattle, Washington for an upcoming project in Las Vegas called Luminous. This jaw-dropper caught our eye whilst browsing the Slayer blog, which is basically a technicolor hot rod Kustom Kandy shop of espresso machine dream babies right now.


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If you’re looking ahead for some early 2015 narratives, here’s one: Vegas coffee is primed to blow up next year. We’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of PublicUs, a food / coffee / bakery multi-space with beverage program by noted barista competitor Cole McBride. Add to that list Luminous, a cafe poised to exhibit “the pomp and glamour of mid-century Vegas while simultaneously prizing modernity,” as per Slayer’s blog. Set to be located at 8550 W Charleston Blvd, at the corner of Charleston and Durango, the project is still very much in the “coming soon” phase, as evidenced by their official Instagram. Luminous has a tentative open date of “Winter”–we’re hoping they mean Q1 of next year, not Q4.


But whatever, if the design and style of Luminous matches these machines, sign us up. Slayer’s write-up mentions an opening rotating roaster roster that includes Pour CoffeeRuby Coffee Roasters, and Supersonic, served alongside beer & cocktails with a “speakeasy” ambience. Consider us pre-stoked.


Much more custom Slayer goodness is available for your perusal at the Slayer Espresso blog.

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