This week, People Magazine will name its annual Sexiest Man Alive, and all signs point to Maroon 5 front-man and manscaping coverboy Adam Levine (barf). So as to keep pace with the whims and morays of popular culture, this week is naming some of our own picks for the Sexiest in Coffee.

The Sexiest Coffee Grinder Alive is the Baratza Forte Brew Grinder.


Where to begin? The Forte’s intuitive screen is sleek, functional, and just begs to be touched.

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Dose by weight or time? Forte doesn’t mind doing it either way. It’s totally up to you. Isn’t choice sexy?


Its burly, smooth, precise 54 mm steel burrs whisper “my particle size distribution is superbly narrow.” Now that’s pillow talk.


The grinder is a “compact, weight-based, commercial grade grinder,” with just enough heft to left you know that it really means business.


Pillowy grinds and pillow talk – this grinder will wake you up in the morning and keep you up all night.

For more on the Baratza Forte, click here. Stay tuned as we announce more Sexy products this week on Sprudge.

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