A brand new episode of Coffee Uncut is now available! This episode is produced and directed by Alexandra Littlejohn, and presented to you today in partnership with Sprudge Omnimedia, a division of Dolcepump LLC.

In this episode, Alexandra Littlejohn interviews Blue Bottle Coffee Communications Manager Byard Duncan and talks all things social media in the coffee world. This week’s episode has the best audio quality yet – it was actually recorded inside the SoundCloud studios.

Store it on your phone, listen to it on the go, and chat directly with Alex Littlejohn on Twitter (@RavenSpeaking). You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, subscribe to the podcast RSS Feed, or listen to it right here on Sprudge!

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Coffee Uncut is hosted by with prizes furnished by Verve Coffee Roasters, Demitasse Cafe, and Reg Barber Tampers.

Since launching back in June, Coffee Uncut has repeatedly been in the top 10 iTunes food podcast charts, and we’re excited that show has never sounded better to listen to. This is Episode Ten – let’s look back at some of the episodes that came before.

Episode One – Featuring Colin Whitcomb (MadCap Coffee), Cody Kinart (Colectivo Coffee), and Talya Strader (Bow Truss Coffee Roasters).

Episode Three – Featuring Brandon Paul Weaver (Slate Coffee), Andy Sprenger (Sweet Bloom), and Ben Jones (Batdorf and Bronson),

Episode Four – Focused on the issues facing women in coffee (WIC), and featuring Sarah Leslie (Gimme Coffee, Ithica, NY), Julia Barber (Reg Barber Enterprises, Victoria, BC) and Shannon Steele (Passion House Coffee, Chicago, IL).

Episode Five – An origin report from Ecuador, alongside Andrew Timko (Blueprint Coffee Roasters@coffeemonkstl), Dave Foreman (One Line Coffee@onelinecoffee), and Sean Capistrant (Metropolis Coffee Roasters@tostadorsean).

Episodes Seven & Eight – Presented as a two’fer double drop, Episode 7 was all about that august Algonquin roundtable of caffeinated do-goodery, the Barista Guild of America, and starring Jay Presto (Simon’s Coffee, Boston), Evan Cooper (Espresso Elevato, Michigan), and David VonTongeren (Ferris Coffee, Michigan). Episode Eight was all about customer service, and featuring Mike Green (Lemonjello’s Coffee, Michigan), Richard Park (Cha’va Cafe, Chicago), and Megan O’Connel (Bipartisan Cafe, PDX).

Episode Nine – A continuation of Episode Eight’s customer service debate, with guests John Martin (Lamill – Los Angeles, California), Teresa Pilarz (Espresso Elevado – Plymouth, Michigan), and Andrew Villa (Bellano Coffee – San Jose, California).

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