Seed To Cup on the Sprudge Podcast Network is hosted by Sprudge co-founder, author, and journalist Jordan Michelman. This new show is dedicated to the art of the long-form interview, focusing on the coffee industry's enigmatic founders, influential executives, and major culture movers. Michelman has been covering the coffee industry for the last decade, and his new monthly show is a coffee-perfect version for fans of podcasts like How I Built That, The Pitch, and other deep-dive interview programs.

Episode One: Erica Escalante

Entrance to Erica Escalante's cafe
The entrance to Erica Escalante's cafe in Portland, Oregon with hands-free speaker system.

On the first episode of Seed To Cup, Jordan Michelman interviews Erica Escalante, the founder and entrepreneur behind Cafe Reina and Kitchenhood Commissary in Portland, Oregon. Formerly The Arrow Coffeehouse, Cafe Reina [official website] is a specialty coffee shop, bakery, and busy shared-space commercial kitchen in North Portland, located at the intersection of NE Albert and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Escalante's story through coffee leads us up to this moment today, where she has emerged as a small business leader and innovator in the time of COVID-19, adapting her business model in a series of fascinating ways and garnering a gaggle of local news coverage along the way.

Coronavirus feels like it's everywhere right now, but it's not the whole story; on this show we're trying to dig deep into both the present and the past with our guests. Looking for the story behind the story, learning about how influential people in the coffee world came to love coffee in the first place, and charting often unlikely career paths on their way to coffee industry success. We hope you love this interview with Erica Escalante and come back for more feature-length interviews with the most fascinating people in coffee right here on Seed To Cup.

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Episode Two: Helen Russell and Brooke McDonnell

On the second episode of Seed To Cup, James Beard Award winning journalist and Sprudge co-founder Jordan Michelman interviews Helen Russell and Brooke McDonnell, the co-founders and entrepreneurs behind Equator Coffees in San Rafael, California. Their story is fascinating and inspiring, and it starts in one of the most hallowed places in all of American entrepreneurial history: the California garage. It's also, happily, a love story about two partners in life and business, and the life they've built together in coffee across the decades.

Helen Brooke Equator Large
Helen Russell and Brooke McDonnell (Photo courtesy Equator Coffees)

As founders at Equator, Russell and McDonnell have, since 1995, helped write a modern chapter in how coffee is consumed and appreciated in America. Their story is fascinatingβ€”from expanding to retail to becoming a B Corp, to helping pioneer travel to origin amongst specialty coffee roasters and winning the Small Business of the Year award in 2016.

equator coffee oakland california akaash saini
Equator Coffees location in Oakland, California.

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Full transcript.

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