Congratulations to today’s SCRBC finalists just announced via the Louis Poore / Mike Marquard info gullet. As expected, Caffe Medici and Kaldi’s sent through multiple competitors into the finals.

All three entries from Kaldi’s Coffee in St. Louis will be competing tomorrow. Big ups to Stephen Schuh, Nicole Call, and Joe Marocco (he of the tiny cowboy hat).

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Jenna White and Lorenzo Perkins of Caffe Medici have advanced as well, as Lorenzo continues in his quest to repeat SCRBC dominance.

Last but not least, wild card Jacque DesMarais of The Coffee Ethic will represent the lone entry from a company not called Kaldi’s or Medici. Jacque’s performance was particularly well-received by the tweeting hordes, and her Cinderella run into the final 6 is a must-see event tomorrow afternoon.

Watch here tomorrow.

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