A clean Missouri sweep at this year’s SCRBC! Your 2011 South Central Regional Barista top 3 are…

#3 Jacque DesMarais, The Coffee Ethic (Springfield, MO)

#2 Stephen Schuh, Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting (St. Louis, MO)

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#1 Joe Marrocco, Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting (St. Louis, MO)

Congrats to the competitors, and let this be a lesson to us all – tiny cowboy hats are a source of infinite power, glory and victory.

Meanwhile at the Brewers Cup, last year’s barista champ Lorenzo Perkins of Medici in Austin has taken the gold, followed by Kasey Klimes of PT’s Coffee and Jonathan Aldrich, also of Medici.

Congrats to the winners, the placers, and all the competitors at this year’s SCRBC. See you in Houston!

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