At Coffee Wonk in Kansas City, owner Micah Riggs offers “premium coffees, muffins, pastries, specialty soft drinks and much more”. Police allege that “much more” includes a synthetic marijuana replacement known as “Syn”, a clone of the more popular “K-2” brand of fake pot recently banned by Missouri.

Assistant prosecutor Dawn Parsons claims that in Missouri, K-2 clones don’t get dealers off the hook, and police say that Riggs was simply selling a K-2 cousin under new packaging.

Prosecutors says Riggs had hired his own chemist to create legal versions of K-2 in a lab above his coffee shop. But again prosecutors say there’s no such thing as a legal version and now the chemist has been charged with a crime as well.

There’s no information online concerning the coffee served at Coffee Wonk, but the article goes on to say that synthetic marijuana is the “best-selling product” at the shop.

Meanwhile, baristas in Portland, Seattle and San Francisco continue to be tipped in fat buds…