Part Two of a series, in which Matthew P. Williams takes you inside the showroom floor at SCAA Expo 2012. Read Part One on the new home batch brewers here.

Another trend we noticed among new products on the floor is consolidation of features. We think it’s awesome that companies have taken note of coffee bar trends and the tools baristas use to push coffee forward. This year we noticed a couple of pieces of equipment that accomplish tasks which previously took two or three different tools.

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Last year, both Hario and Bonavita produced electric kettles with goose-neck pour over spouts. Collectively, the coffee industry slapped their foreheads: “duh, why hasn’t anyone done this before?” This year, Bonavita has upped the ante: they’ve created a pour over kettle with incremental temperature control and one-hour hold time with a ridiculously small temperature variance. This is the first commercial UL listed electric kettle, so its designed to be used behind the bar. But at $79 retail (!!!!!), you know darn well you’d love one on your countertop. It’ll be out in July.

Hario, purveyors of fine glass and ceramics used daily by baristas all over the world, is soon to release another consolidated bar tool: A combination scale and timer that is purpose-built to support a beautiful drip-stand. Sold separately but usable together, the scale/timer/drip-stand is the first all-in-one single-manufacturer package for the V60. When it finally comes out – “soon”, we’re told – this scale/timer/drip-stand dream triumvirate may well clear the clutter from your bar or countertop, with the elegant simplicity that Hario is known for. Count me in.

Matthew P. Williams is a longtime informal contributor to this website. He lives in Portland, Oregon and works for Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

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