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Four Barrel Coffee’s “very first barista” Bobby Valentino has joined the AIDS/Lifecycle “Ride To End AIDS”. Our friends at Four Barrel have blogged about Bobby’s endeavor, including the fact that he needs to raise a minimum of $3000 before June 2nd.

If you would like to view his progress or just be his friend, find him as @bobbyvalentino on instagram. He’d like to express serious thanks for all donations big and small.

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Bobby has more:

I just decided today (4/23/13) to do the ALC12 ride down to Los Angeles on June 2nd. That leaves me with less than 40 days to raise the minimum donation of $3000. I hope that all you, that I love, can help me out. I figure with all the people that I serve coffee, meet at bars, dance, ride bikes, flirt, cross paths we can fulfill this great opportunity to raise money for AIDS/ HIV research and aid.

All donations big and small are greatly appreciated and push me closer to my goal. Thank you. Love you. Bobby Valentino

Tax deductible donations can be made here. And as the summer outdoor charity event season is approaching, we want to know if you’re walking/bicycling/moving for a good cause. Let us know at – and who knows? Maybe we’ll feature your feats of do-goodery right here on the site.

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