Bay Area baristas, get ready, because January is going to be a big month. Registration is now open for Barista Nation San Francisco, and the programming is impressive to say the least. There’s enough room in the Mission District Women’s Building for 200 baristas, so act now and register before it’s too late:

Register early to be one of 200 who attend. To register donate $10 to and e-mail your receipt to

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Here’s the awesome line-up of speakers:

Richard Sandlin (Fair Trade USA)
Brant Curtis (Wilbur Curtis Co)
Emma Bladkya & Anne Nylander (SCAA)
Jeremy Kuempel (Blossom Coffee Inc)
Katie Carguilo (Counter Culture Coffee)
Helen Russell & Devorah Freudiger (Equator Coffees)
Chris Baca, Jared Truby, Alex Littlejohn (Verve Coffee)
Eileen Hassi (Ritual Coffee)
Julia Lotecki & Reg Barber (Reg Barber)
Sauro Dall Aglio (UNIC)
and many more! will be covering the event live from San Francisco, plus DJ’ing the wild and crazy afterparty. This is not our first Barista Nation, but it’s shaping up to be the best. Here’s the official schedule card:


That’s not even mentioning all the food, coffee, and pastry that’ll be handed out during this action packed day. See you there!

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