What’s a coffee ambush, exactly? It’s when a bunch of passionate coffee experts come together to drop knowledge and meld minds across the workplaces of America. Communities blend, doors are kicked down (metaphorically, of course), and lives are changed, or at least the part in people’s lives where they make and drink coffee. It looks like a lot of fun and them boys at Batdorf and Bronson were at it again this week.

Interns couldn’t hold back the onslaught when Batdorf ambushed the CNN Newsroom and Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Armed with whisks, Abid Clevers, scales, Nicaragua Finca Santa Gema, Colombia Estrella Del Sur, and Guatemala Finca El Valle, baristas Chandler, Alex, Ren, Logan, and Jason ambushed the living heck out of a bunch of busy newsmen and women.

We sat down with Jason Dominy, the longtime Batdorf rabblerouser behind these ambush tactics, and had a conversation with him about the whole rigamarole.

Jason Dominy, tell us in your words what a coffee ambush is.

Coffee Ambush is a unique way to spend a morning manual brewing coffee for an office full of folks, along the way being able to share knowledge of coffee in general, how best to brew it at home, and where to find proper specialty coffee around Atlanta (or wherever I’m at.)

To date, how many ambushes have you organized?
Hmm…hold on. (Counting) 26.

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Some I didn’t do videos for. You can see all the videos and some of the other places here.

Tell us about your favorite ambush. Take us there.

My favorite ambush to date is the one I’m in the middle of doing (which I’m having to do in two parts because of size) and that’s the Cartoon Network. It’s the one that took me the longest to make happen, and being a big kid, it’s the most fun. But, they’ve all been special in their own ways, honestly.

An ambush is, by definition, “a surprise attack.” Can you whisper where you’re going next (without ruining the surprise?)

Well, we’re headed to Delta next month which will be cool, but I really want to hit Turner Field, home of the Braves.

And imagine for a moment if you could have it all. Tell us about your dream ambush.

Honestly, I think I already did my dream ambush. When I was last in the Pacific Northwest, I got to do an ambush at PopCap Games in Seattle with two people I really respect and admire the most, Heather Ringwood and Bronwen Serna. I have to say, that one was incredibly special to me on lots of levels. With that being said, I can’t wait to brew coffee for the Man upstairs. That’s gonna be awesome.

That sounds heavenly. Thank you, Jason.

You’re very welcome. It’s my pleasure.



Sounds like a lot of fun. Kudos, B&B!

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