When actor Hugh Jackman has time off of his busy Hollywood schedule and isn’t making coffee, he’s apparently punching glamor-wrestlers’ faces off.

Many of you might not know this, but multi-year Canadian Barista Champion and WBC top tier finisher Sammy Piccolo is also a seasoned fighter. When he’s not brokering fine parts and machines for notable coffee shops across the West Coast (learn more at Sammy Piccolo Dot Com or click the deeply disturbing advertisement to your right), he’s both competing and organizing a wide variety of MMA BloodSport fisticuffatorial endeavors across Western Canada.

Which is why, given Sammy’s brawling expertise and Hugh Jackman’s new entry into the world of specialty coffee, we’d like to play the Don King role and officially issue a fighter’s challenge to these two profoundly un-pusillanimous pugilists: 12 rounds, settled by submission or stopped by Fight Doctor, no holds barred, to an international audience of LiveStream viewers. It’ll be the coffee fight of the century.

#Sammy_vs_Wolverine – and for the record, no jokes, we’ve got our money on Sammy.