We couldn’t be happier to share this news with you! Our friends at Safehouse Coffee and Tea, “a non-profit microroastery, training center and coffee bar” in Griffin, Georgia, are finally open again after losing their business to a devastating fire in 2012. The team at Safehouse are well known and respected throughout the specialty coffee industry, and we’re absolutely overjoyed that they are once again back on their feet in Griffin.

We’ve covered the fire and rebuilding process a few times on Sprudge, from the initial disaster in January 2012, to the international fundraising efforts to help them get back on their feet, to their long and at-times arduous rebuild process, to their calls for volunteer help and good news of progress. But the feature you’re reading right now is obviously the best of the lot.

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The specialty coffee community is wide and varied, comprised of all different kinds of people from different backgrounds and belief systems. It’s far-flung and diverse and at times scattered, home to frequent disagreement (both philosophical and technical). But it is also incredibly supportive, tight knit, and willing to answer the call when friends are in need. Coffee makes strange bedfellows, and that’s part of what makes the industry special. We look on in wonder and consider ourselves lucky to document stories like this one.

Our friends at Safehouse are open once again, and we want to invite our readers in and around the southeast quadrant of the United States to make the trip out to Griffin at your earliest convenience. Drink some coffee with the Safehouse guys, congratulate them on their re-open, and let them give their hospitality and service back to you ten-fold. That’s true catharsis.

Photos via Facebook.

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