Transcend’s Josh Hockin Wins CBC

Congratulations to Josh Hockin, winner of the 2011 Canadian Barista Championship! Josh bested a crew of Finalists that included Ben Put (Transcend Coffee), Geoff Woodley (Detour Coffee), Morgan Allen (Fernwood), Jeremy Ho (Phil and Sebastian), and Randy Hogg (Bridge Head Coffee House).

The third place finish went to Mr. Ho, and runner-up was awarded to Mr. Put – congratulations you gentlemen as well, and all the competitors in this year’s event. From a purely tabloid perspective we were pulling for Randy Hogg, because c’mon, that headline writes itself, but huzzah! Huzzah we say, to Transcend Coffee, the Edmonton coffee scene and Josh Hockin, your 2011 Canadian Barista Champion! See you in Vienna!



  1. Daniel Lodewyk

    3 October

    Congrats Josh! Your hard work payed off!

    Ben! Congrats on your finish! You did great!

    Transcend bringing home 1st and 2nd is HUGE!

    Now to prepare for Vienna, 2012! April cannot come soon enough!!

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