The results from our international barista income survey have generated a lot interest and discussion on what we consider an important topic. There’s a lot to digest in all that data, but one thing we’ve heard repeatedly is that the polling data we received from Australia may have been a bit… optimistic, let’s say, when it comes to wages.

We hear you, and we want to dig in more into what’s going on. Our initial polling may have been affected by small sample size–putting it up at the height of USBC yielded us tons of responses from the United States and Europe, but more information from Australia would be most helpful.

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So we’ve put together a new survey specifically focused on coffee workers in Australia. This poll is open to anyone who works in the Australian coffee scene: roasters, cafe owners, managers, green buyers, you name it. Our new poll goes more into depth when it comes to income, and includes some quality of life metrics as well.

We will be keeping this poll up throughout the entirety of our WBC coverage from Melbourne, so please spread it as widely as you can. This is clearly something our industry wants to talk about, and with your support and accurate polling data, we can continue to do these sorts of in-depth studies for other sectors of the worldwide specialty coffee industry.

Here’s the poll! Get to it!

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