The world is thirsty for Fika! The new book from Sprudge Paris staff writer Anna Brones and illustrator Johanna Kindvall has taken the internet by storm, garnering totes posi press from the likes of T Magazine, Huffington Post, Eater, and even the Swedish tabloids. Published by Crown Publishing imprint Ten Speed Press, Fika is an annotated guide to the coffee traditions of Sweden, complete with recipes for creating delicious Scandinavian cakes and treats (with which to accompany your fika, naturally).

In a few short weeks Anna Brones will be bringing Fika to Portland, Oregon on May 15th for an event at Broder Nord, inarguably Portland’s most Scandinavian of restaurants (with ebelskivers that are just to die for and maybe the city’s best Bloody Mary).

Broder Nord_70
Totes Brodes.

The event is hosted by the Portland Culinary Alliance, an alliance for Portland culinary activities, and tickets hook you up with the following:

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* A signed copy of Fika by Anna Brones and Johanna Kindvall, currently tearing up the bestsellers chart at Portland’s own iconic Powell’s Books.

* A pastry demo on the wonders of kanelbullar, a tasty Swedish cinnamon bun.

* A highly Nordic dill + acquavit cocktail experience from Jacob Grier, Portland’s patron saint of considered alcohol consumption and the author of Cocktails On Tap.

* Coffee service by Sprudge (hey that’s us!)—we’ll be bewing some tasty coffees imported from our favorite Swedish specialty coffee roasters.

* A sensible Scandinavian dinner courtesy of Broder Nord, who’ll be serving up krappkakor dumplings with lingonberry jam and some tasty gravlax on rye.

vetebullar CINNAMON AND CARDAMOM BUNS_folding illustrationThe event happens Friday, May 15th beginning at 6pm. Tickets are available here via the Portland Culinary Alliance. Can’t make this event in Portland? Order your own copy of Fika online. Skål!

 Illustrations copyright © 2015 by Johanna Kindvall

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