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The city of Edmond, Oklahoma, is home to one of the more beautiful new cafes to open anywhere in 2012: Cafe Evoke. Anchored by a drop-dead gorgeous Espresso Parts custom La Marzocco Linea espresso machine (canary yellow and aquamarine), photos of this cafe pretty much turn us into the interior design equivalent of the Tex Avery wolf. In the video above, watch Evoke’s build-out in extreme fast-forward, sort of like one of those incredible montages from Breaking Bad, but with nicer furniture.

Cafe Evoke is a pretty super serious multi-roaster cafe, with a dazzling rotating menu that includes MadCap Coffee Company, PT’s Coffee Roasting, Verve Coffee Roasters, Handsome Coffee Roasters, Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Roasters, Elemental Coffee Roasters, and Coava Coffee Roasters.

For the uninformed, here’s more on Edmond, OK via Wikitravel:

Edmond Is a rather affluent suburb due North of Oklahoma City. It has some great qualities, including nice restaurants, the third largest university in the state (University of Central Oklahoma), and some quaint, quiet neighborhoods near its uniquely successful downtown business district.

Edmond is the birthplace of LA Clippers star Blake Griffin, BMX superbro Mat Hoffman, Cleveland Browns first round draft-pick Brandon Weeden, and Gilmore Girls / Mad Men / Lie To Me starlette Hayley McFarland, among others. For more on Edmond, check out their Wiki.

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