It’s a wild time, these back to school days, a time when your own personal spin on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs includes claiming the top bunk in a three-dude dorm room (true story, happened to us). But whatever you do, do not resort to No-Doze for your collegiate caffeination. Odds are that wherever you might be in the United States, there’s a nice coffee roaster nearby that you can patronize instead of buying 5 Hour Energy, because gross.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of iconic coffee roasters for your new place of residence. If you need help figuring out how to make nice coffee in your dorm, we’ve put together a guide for that as well. You are America’s future, after all.

20 Schools, 20 Roasters, boom!

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University of Arizona
Cartel Coffee Lab (2516 N Campbell Ave)

University of Southern California
Handsome Coffee Roasters (582 Mateo Street) – it’s a drive, sure, but you live in LA now, so get over it.

The University of Missouri-Columbia
Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Company (29 S. Ninth Street)

Marquette University
Alterra Coffee Roasters (170 S 1st St.)

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University of Minnesota (Twin Cities)
Dogwood Coffee Co. (3001 Hennepin Avenue South)

University of Miami
Panther Coffee Roasters (2390 NW 2nd Avenue)

Georgetown University
MadCap Coffee Roasters
Served at Dolcezza
(1560 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest)

University of Georgia (Athens)
1000 Faces Coffee
Served at Two Story Coffeehouse (1680 S Lumpkin St)

University of Washington
Caffe Ladro (435 15th Ave E) – because you’ll be on Capitol Hill all the time anyway.

Columbia University
Joe NYC (550 West 120th Street) – literally the most convenient specialty coffee bar in all of academia.

University of Colorado (Boulder)
Ozo Coffee (1015 Pearl Street)

Univeristy of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
Counter Culture Coffee
Served at The Daily Grind Espresso Cafe (On Campus)

Art Institute of Chicago
Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea (53 West Jackson Boulevard)

University of Texas (Austin)
Cuvee Coffee

Served at Cafe Medici (2222 Guadalupe St)

University of California Santa Cruz
Verve Coffee Roasters (1540 Pacific Avenue)

University of California Santa Barbara
Handlebar Coffee Roasters (128 E. Canon Perdido St. #A)

Portland State University
Stumptown Coffee Roasters (1026 Southwest Stark Street) – or their flagship Downtown location, if you love crusty punks.

University of Pennsylvania
La Colombe Torrefaction (130 South 19th Street)

Rice University
Greenway Coffee Company
Served at Revival Market
(550 Heights Blvd) – watch for their gorgeous new space opening soon on Westheimer.

Emory University
Batdorf and Bronson The Dancing Goats® Coffee Bar (650 North Ave. NE)

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