This should come as absolutely no shock to anyone who regularly reads Sprudge, but Vietnamese coffee is one of the most delicious and exciting fields in the entire coffee industry today. This is thanks in no small part to the forward-thinking leadership of people like Nguyen Canh Hung, the owner of Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters, and Tran Le Minh Truc, the owner of Every Half Coffee Roasters. These two coffee companies—both based in Vietnam—are doing very exciting work with coffees grown in Vietnam, advocating for high quality Vietnamese coffee and pursuing a unique blend of local coffee traditions with international design and drink influences.

In a recent feature on Sprudge Special Projects, Hanoi-based coffee journalist Tung Nguyen sat down with Nguyen Canh Hung and Tran Le Minh Truc for an expansive interview, discussing everything from rare hybrid coffee varietals to coffee competitions to the future global path for fine coffees from Vietnam. As you might expect, Robusta is part of this conversation—95% of the coffee planted in Vietnam is Robusta—but here, too, there is tremendous promise and a new way of thinking taking place at the farm level.

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It’s worth noting, too, that both of these companies operate absolutely stunning cafes—truly world class destinations from the cafe design perspective. Paired with the work each company does at the farm level, it makes for a must-read look at the modern Vietnamese coffee scene today.

bosgaurus coffee roasters 3
Inside Bosgaurus Coffee.

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every half tu xuong location front tung nguyen
Every Half Coffee.

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