While the NWRBC ended last week, we've been working like busy little beavers to get these video interviews ready. sat down with all 6 NWRBC finalists, talented baristas who were generous enough with their time to answer our questions. These videos are snapshots of a moment in time; the interviews were a joy to conduct, and we're very proud to be able to present them to you today. is your official SCAA Digital Media Sponsor for the 2013 USBC cycle. Our work at NWRBC was made possible by direct support from Nuova Simonelli and Dillanos Coffee Roasters.

Lauren Lathrop, Public Domain Coffee, PDX

Timothy Graham, Slate Coffee Roasters, Seattle

Brett Felchner, BARISTA, PDX

Collin Schneider, Sterling Coffee Roasters, PDX

Cole McBride, Visions Espresso / Velton's Coffee Roasters, Seattle

Devin Chapman, Coava Coffee Roasters, PDX – 2013 NWRBC Champion!