Our very own Assistant Editor Alex Bernson lead a talk at this year’s Nordic Barista Cup in Oslo. That video is now up live via the NBC’s own official website. 

From the NBC blog:

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In his talk, Alex Berson of, will talk about social roles as a major part of the service experience. There are different patterns depending on whether you work with food, coffee or alcohol. For example, a barista being physically constrained behind an espresso machine. How can we as an industry improve how we interact with our guests? Alex takes us back to the first coffee-shops in the early 17th century and shows us the development of cafés up to now.

“You are born naked and the rest is drag” –Ru Paul

“You can be completely alone in a room of 1000 people or be on an empty street corner tweeting out to 1000′s of people.”

Top photo by Kate Beard.

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