Welcome to another episode of No Free Refills, a podcast dedicated to the messy, beautiful collision of pop culture and coffee.

In this week’s episode, hosts Tymika Lawrence and Ezra Baker drink coffee and chat while socially distanced, as is the style in these current strange times. Each episode of No Free Refills kicks off with a cup or two of delicious coffee, and in this week’s show Lawrence drinks Muungano from the Congo (DRC) roasted by NYC’s Cafe Grumpy while Baker sips on Desarollo from Colombia roasted by Coffee Collective out of Denmark.

The focus of Episode Three is Netflix’s hot new reality dating show Love Is Blind. You may have head of it.

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So, the creators of the show take away all the senses except for talking to each other,” Baker explains, “men stay on one pod, women stay in the other, and they meet in these little weird rooms with a weird partition. They talk to each other and decide who’s going to be their future mate or whatever. So, after that 10 day period, they decide to get engaged to one of those people. After that, that couple goes on a beautiful vacation… they go to each other’s real-life homes and decide, after a month, whether or not they want to actually get married. At the wedding.

Ezra Baker and Tymika Lawrence discuss their favorite moments of the season, the jaw-dropping scenes at the reunion, and what it all means to watch a show about folks voluntarily quarantining during this time of involuntary quarantine.

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