Ugh. The QuickMemes dares to take on “the hipster” in a cookie-cutter LOLCat-monetize-the-shit-outta-it fashion. When will making fun of MemeBlogs be the next meme?

That’s Dustin Mattson of Octane Coffee in Atlanta. sez:

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Mattson finished 5th place at the Southeast Regional Barista Competition 2010 and 27th place at the US Barista Championship 2010. He is also (of course) on Twitter at @DustinColeMmm. As far as his hipster cred goes, it is so far unknown.

Read the following on comment on Eater in which Jason Dominy dominates:

You couldn’t have picked a more opposite person for all the comments and memes given. This guy’s one of most unpretentious guys out in coffee, who’s passion for coffee has nothing to do with how cool it is. Yes, I get the stereotypes. I don’t agree with them on a whole, and definitely see this as a “one apple spoiling the whole bunch”, but this one in particular couldn’t be more wrong. Dustin, and his co-workers at Octane are some of the friendliest folks in Atlanta, putting out some of the best coffee in the country. Octane Coffee is one the best coffee shops in the U.S.

We agree, Jason. Leave Dustin alone, QuickMemes!

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