NBC 2011 Talks – Stephen Vick: Preserving Green Coffee.

The NBC brings over 170 people together for a three-day rapid-fire cupping / lecture / tasting / lecture / lunch / lecture / cupping / lecture program all while Scandinavian teams are competing against each other in various games and competitions (froth challenges, espresso throwdowns, mud wrestling, aquatic synchronized zumba dancing). Scandinavian blogs are blowing up:

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Short post from Matteo da blog: “The Swedes lead after the first day, well done”

A smattering of posts from the live blog at the Nordic Barista Cup in Copenhagen, including some gems, like full video of Stephen Vick’s talk about preserving green coffee as well as a break from coffee with brewmaster Morten Ibsen, who goes into the sensory experience of creating beers and ales.

Stick around for more coverage of other people’s coverage throughout the weekend!

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