The past few years have brought only good news about the links between coffee and prostate cancer. Prior studies have found links between drinking coffee and a preventative effect against instances of prostate cancer as well as a link to slowing its growth. Now, in a third study, researchers are finding that coffee may help lead to longer survival by those with prostate cancer.

The news comes via health news aggregator HealthDay on a study published last month in the journal European Urology Oncology. The study, led by urologic oncologist Dr. Justin Gregg at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, finds that the CYP1A2 AA genome that metabolizes caffeine quickly is also linked with longer survival from prostate cancer. For the study, researchers cases of prostate cancer there were a part of the Prostate Cancer Association Group to Investigate Cancer Associated Alterations in the Genome Consortium (PRACTICAL Consortium).

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A total of 5,700 instances from seven different studies, cases included individuals in varying stages of prostate cancer treatment, each of whom had to self-report on their eating and drinking habits, including coffee intake. When comparing those who had a “high coffee intake”—two or more cups a day—versus low intake—those that only drank three or more per week, a trend emerged showing those with a high coffee intake were “linked to longer prostate cancer-specific survival,” but only for men in the study with the CYP1A2 AA genome.

Though still in the early phases, the research points to a potential path forward for those dealing with prostate cancer. Still, the article notes, much more research needs to be done before doctors being prescribing coffee to prostate cancer patients. Nonetheless, the associations are there and they are starting to pile up in favor of drinking coffee. And seeing how this is something you were probably going to be doing anyway, it’s hard to take this as anything other than good news for anyone who drinks coffee and has a prostate.

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