It’s no exaggeration to say that the London Coffee Festival has become one of our very favorite events on the calendar each year. We’ve been attending the fest for three years straight now, and each time it’s bigger and better—last weekend’s edition was a mind-boggling, head-spinning bacchanalia of brew, a cacophony of coffee the likes of which we’ve truly never seen. There were two giant competitions (the 2016 UKBC and Coffee Masters tournament), hundreds of incredible booths, product launches, delicious coffees, all manner of bespoke coffee cocktails, and nearly 40,000 consumers lined up around the block to take it all in.

We’ll be reporting on the fest with spotlight features over the coming weeks, but before the glimmer dims, we want to take you there with some captivating scene reporting on the latest edition of the Coffee Sprudgecast, our popular new podcast available for download on iTunes. In this week’s very, very special episode, we’re roving across the London Coffee Festival, taping segments with some of the industries brightest minds.

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square mile coffee roasters the canteen london coffee festival cascara chocolate soft serve sprudge
Photo by Giulia Mule for Sprudge.com.

Follow along, ears agape, as we journey to the heart of a very unique cafe pop-up at the festival from Square Mile Coffee. Our tour guide is none other than James Hoffmann, himself an accomplished author, blogger, and World Barista Champion. We’re taking you on an experiential tour of Square Mile’s coffee & food playground, The Cantina, where what some might call coffee waste has been repurposed into a panopoly of delicious delights. You can practically taste the chaff butter from here.

maxwell colonna-dashwood colonna & smalls hunter coffee roasting united kingdom bath sprudge
Photo by Giulia Mule for Sprudge.com.

Listen in as we discuss—what’s this?—the dawn of the delicious coffee pod with Maxwell Colonna Dashwood, a repeat UKBC champion, World Barista Championship finalist, cafe owner, lauded author and Sprudgie Awards nominee. He’s got a new pod scheme up his sleeve that just might revolutionize the format. Can a coffee pod taste good? We’ll find out.

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