In just a few short days we’ll be celebrating the 2016 United States AeroPress Championship, happening Saturday, April 16th at Chattahoochee Coffee. But for AeroPress competition fans worldwide, there’s an exciting new opportunity to take the games home with you in poster form.

That’s right, AeroPress fan: several of those distinctive posters from coffee’s most artistic global tournament are now available to call your very own. The makers of the AeroPress Championship have just launched a new site—Cup Not Included—where you can peruse past posters, place orders in the post, and call these original works of art your very own. Perhaps best of all, 20% of all poster profits will go to benefit the Gitesi Project, a kind of “cows to Rwanda” that impacts the lives of smallholder farmers in Karonga, Rwanda by providing them with dairy cows.

That website again is Cup Not Included, and as a special offer to Sprudge readers, they’re offering free global shipping to first 25 people who enter SPRUDGE at checkout. That’s so nice! Thank you, mysterious AeroPress cabal!

To learn more about this project, we turn to our partners at the World AeroPress Championship.


“In the course of running the World AeroPress Championship we get asked a lot of questions, but for years now one question has cropped up with greater frequency than any other. Every other day it’s…

‘Where can I buy the AeroPress posters online?’

And finally, we’re able to answer: ‘Right here, at CupNotIncluded.com.

The premise is pretty simple: our favourite AeroPress Championship posters, published online, printed to order and shipped direct from Los Angeles, California to adoring AeroPress devotees worldwide. Though we’ve been fielding requests for a way to buy competition posters for years now, but we could never quite settle on a solid enough reason to pursue it.

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In the end, we chose two:

1 — To bring the World AeroPress Championship to more producing countries

Our championship has grown a lot, but there are still huge swathes of the world where competitions don’t happen. Despite being crucial to our competitions, coffee growing nations are terribly underrepresented in the World AeroPress Championship, which is something we’d like to see changed. Right now it takes all our time, energy and resources to manage the fifty-or-so nations we have on board, (we’re a team of just 2.5 people, remember) but we’re determined to reach out and include places like Kenya, Ethiopia, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Rwanda and many more. We need a little help getting there.

2 — To contribute to the Gitesi Project

Started in 2015, the Gitesi Project is a grassroots charitable initiative that places dairy cows into smallholder households in the Karongi region in Rwanda. The aim is to help ensure that these farming families have a steady supply of organic fertiliser for their trees, milk for their children and the opportunity to sell any surplus of either of these. Coffee farming is a fickle, unpredictable game and we want to help support an initiative that benefits the community across the good, the bad and the disastrous coffee seasons. We wanted to send a little help their way.

poster_18x24_wall_mockup (11)

Can I request a poster that’s not listed?

You sure can, but no promises we can make it happen. Send us a message and let us know which poster you want to see listed. If we can arrange everything on the back end—artist permission, print files and so on—we’ll get it online. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter so you know when it goes live for sale.

How do the artists get paid?

Every AeroPress competition poster has been commissioned independently by the event host, and payment arrangements are between the artist and host. Cup Not Included asks these artists to forgo royalties on their poster design in order to support a charitable initiative, the Gitesi Project.

That said, our license with the artist is not exclusive. This means that every artist (or owner of the copyright) has the freedom to sell their designs on whichever platform they choose, in addition to or instead of Cup Not Included. We’re not out to limit an artist’s potential to earn from their work — everybody’s gotta eat.

What’s the paper like? How much is delivery? When will the poster arrive?

All answered here on our Print & Ship page, friend.

poster_18x24_wall_mockup (10)

Why is it called ‘Cup Not Included’?

Check the packaging that came with your AeroPress. The answer lies within.

AeroPress? Posters? What strange hell have I stumbled upon?

Isn’t it obvious? Back in 2008, three people got together in a small room in Oslo to see who could brew the best cup of coffee. Afterwards, they had cake. Some eight or nine years later over 2,000 competitors from 50+ nations now do the same each year (not always with cake), and posters announce the when and where of these unlikely events. Much like the competition itself, the posters have taken on a life of their own, and are works of art produced by some incredibly talented designers.

This is a collection of those posters. Welcome to the intriguing world of competitive AeroPress.”

poster_18x24_wall_mockup (10)

A strange hell, indeed, but it’s our hell and we rather like it. Visit Cup Not Included and order at will. New posters from around the world will be added each month. And if you’re reading this from the SCAA Event in Atlanta, we’ll see you this weekend at the US AeroPress Championships. Be there and press on.

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