Jared Truby is your 2012 Southwest Regional Barista Competition champ! Mr. Truby is a native of Chico, California, and has worked for Verve Coffee since its inception in 2007. This is his first USBC regional win. Mr. Truby is taking the day off tomorrow to bask in his win, perhaps go surfing, and most certainly catch up on his sleep.

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Mr. Truby competed with Verve’s Costa Rica Finale de Cosecha – a coffee from the Helsar micromill, in the West Valley of Costa Rica. This micromill is one of many championed by Francisco Mena and his Exclusive Coffees “micromill revolution” program. Verve’s green buyer, Colby Barr, worked with Mr. Mena to cultivate a unique lot of beans from that mill. The cherries that became Finale de Cosecha were left on their trees for an extended maturation process. Then the ripest red cherries were set aside during the harvest process for Verve – the name, Finale de Cosecha, mean “final harvest”. This project resulted in less than 20 bags of coffee, and a win for Jared Truby at the 2012 SWRBC. This coffee is not currently commercial available, but will be offered by Verve in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to Sprudge.com for updates.

Congratulations to Mr. Truby, Mr. Barr, and everyone from Verve Coffee Roasters for both winning and hosting an extraordinary event here in Santa Cruz.

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