Intelligentsia’s John Martin is your 2012 Southwest Region Brewers Cup champion! John competes out of Intelligentsia’s cafe in Pasadena.

John competed in this round of the Brewers Cup using Intelligentsia’s Bolivia Takesi microlot, the same coffee employed by Charles Babinski in his remarkable 2nd place routine at this year’s SWRBC. Takesi is grown at an elevation of 2200 meters; as of writing this feature, Takesi is not commercially available. Mr. Martin employed the Kalita Wave during his routine, using 22 grams of coffee and 365 grams of water, with an extraction time of 3 minutes.

Mr. Martin was a late entry to this year’s Brewers Cup. This is a big win for Mr. Martin, Intelli Pasadena, but most of all for Intelligentsia’s sourcing program and their extraordinary Takesi microlot. Congratulations to all.