First a World Barista Championship, and now a Mercury Music Prize? Our series on musicians in coffee continues today with these two cuts from James Hoffmann’s long-shelved recording project, King Seven. Forgive him for not logging into Myspace since 2008 – he’s been rather busy running Square Mile Coffee Roasters.

Blippy. boppy and beautifully tonal, sometimes gentle like a lullaby, occasionally roaring with deep bass-tones and layered drum loops, the two available tracks from King Seven are reminiscent of Dan Snaith’s pre-Caribou recording moniker Manitoba, or the instrumental side of Icelandic nocturnes Mum. Think bell chimes, panned-and-swirling acoustic guitars and careful, sometimes glitchy percussion choices. From King Seven’s bio on Last.FM:

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“King Seven, James Hoffmann, released his debut EP โ€œHiddenโ€ in 2003, and hasnโ€™t done a great deal since. A couple of released remixes float around – done for Hint and Leave Land for Water. The release of โ€œHiddenโ€ on Bonoboโ€™s Solid Steel mix prompted fresh interest in King Sevenโ€™s music but so far no more has surfaced.”

Listen to both tracks here via Myspace, which was a perfectly acceptable avenue for sharing one’s music in the mid-2000s.

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