In the midst of a turf war between rival California biker gangs, a slew of recent killings has its roots in the quest for dominance over a Santa Cruz-area Starbucks location:

in January 2010, when members of the rival gangs, some wielding ball-peen hammers, fought outside a Santa Cruz Starbucks before scattering as police arrived.

“It was all about who would be allowed to hang out at the Starbucks downtown,” Santa Cruz Deputy Police Chief Steve Clark said. “The Vagos brazenly came in and tried to cement their presence over the Hells Angels. It was a pretty strong play on their part to establish themselves as the premiere club.”

He added: “Only in Santa Cruz would you have biker wars over who’s going to control pumpkin spice lattes.”

We can’t really write a funnier punchline than that, though if great coffee is what they’re bludgeoning each other over, we suggest that they go bro down with Truby and Baca at nearby Verve Coffee Roasters. Just leave the ball-peen hammers in the bike seat.

I’d Kill For A Fudge Chunk Mocha: Worst Biker Feud in decades erupts at Starbucks.