It’s Facebook official. Modbar modular espresso products are now finally showing up in the wild. We’ve heard of several getting name dropped in submissions to our 2013 Build-Outs of Summer series (including one at Glassbox Coffee in Ann Arbor), but the location for the world’s very-first Modbar install is an unlikely one: Shaker Dam Coffeehouse and Stanmeyer Gallery, located in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Photos of the working Modbar are now available on the gallery’s public Facebook page, from which we’ll borrow with full attribution to the great photographer John Stanmeyer.


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But maybe you don’t want to drive to the Berkshires to experience some Modbar realness in your life? Little Collins NYC, located in Midtown East, is “honored to be the first café in New York to unveil the ModBar” according to their official website. The Modbar at Little Collins is open for service as of today, August 5th, with “one unit for espresso and one for pour over” according to a helpful LC staff member we spoke to on the phone. We first heard of the Little Collins MB installation from Modbar inventor Corey Waldron.


Live in the area? Check out Little Collins at 667 Lexington Ave, between 55th and 56th.

For a little context, way back in April of this year, Sprudge.com was the first publication on the planet to bring you details, photos, and insight on the Modbar modular espresso system. That feature, which dropped at midnight April 11th (the first day of USBC 2013) was written by Sprudge.com staff writer Alex Bernson, and wound up later being included in features by Wired, The New Yorker, and several other publications. The scene on the SCAA trade show floor was a sight to behold: Modbar’s spot at the Counter Culture Coffee booth was mobbed, and the small company fully sold out their available 2013 production run of Modbar products.

Are you buying a Modbar, currently installing a Modbar, or preparing to make the public media debut of your Modbar? Write to Modbar@Sprudge.com and give us the scoop! 

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