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Shops are still in build-out mode within the brand new Union Way shopping complex on SW Stark Street, but Quin candy shop is up and running, having already earned considerable buzz from Portland Monthly, The Oregonian, and Cool Hunting. We’re buzzing about their coffee confectionaries, including coffee gum drops and coffee lollipops. The gum drops, made with Water Avenue Coffee espresso, are a throwback to the dime-store candies from the 1930s. The lollipops are made with brewed coffee, again from Water Avenue.

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More about Quin from their official website:

Owner and Chief Candy Maker Jami Curl brings to the shoppe a passion for sweets, truly believing that everything is better made in small batches with human hands. Hoping to build a sense of community around the store, there is no formal counter and employees actively engage with customers. Located in the Union Way retail space in Downtown Portland, Quin is Portland-style but doesn’t necessarily feel like Portland—the skylights and European-style shopping center make Quin feel part of another world.


Fortunately for Sprudge readers not based in Portland, candies from Quin are totes available online, including the aforementioned coffee confections, marshmallows (sold by the foot), and a caramel made with coffee, orange, and smoked salt. According to the website, the caramel is their hottest selling item

Check out Quin in Portland at 1022 W Burnside St – near Maglia Rosa, Courier Coffee, and Stumptown at the Ace Hotel.

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