READING Presents: The Giorgio Milos Caption Co... Presents: The Giorgio Milos Caption Contest

Giorgio’s latest attack on American Espresso has sent us over the top. He visited four shops in NYC (Abaço, Café Grumpy, Ninth Street Espresso and Stumptown) with and poo-pooed every shot of espresso.

So the darkly suave Milos is visiting from the birthplace of espresso for a year to gauge the state of coffee in the United States, illy’s largest customer outside Italy, and he has quickly learned how seriously Americans take their coffee. Call it a storm in a demitasse: He elicited a frothy response when, while blogging for in May, he commented that American baristas not only need more training but are using so many different, unorthodox methods to pull shots you’d wonder if they’d ever sipped the drink in its country of origin.

We proudly present’s first contest: The Giorgio Milos Caption Contest. Can you come up with a caption for this photo? The winner will receive a Prize Box and a poster of Milos with the winning caption!

"Insert Caption Here!"

It’s easy to play, just comment below. We’ll announce the winner on September 27th.

  1. James

    2 February

    I don’t always drink espresso, but when I do, it’s most certainly made by someone other than the teenaged blonde.

  2. frith

    3 September

    This espresso is nearly as bitter as me.

  3. Adam

    30 August

    *sigh* I piss V60s with more crema than that.

  4. Paul Yates

    30 August

    “When Italians want REAL espresso, they go to the CAN….- ILLY Coffee”

  5. SAO

    30 August

    “Nothing remains on my tongue!”

  6. Luigi

    30 August

    How can I tell Mamma that I like when they put 27 g in my basket?

  7. Luigi

    29 August

    Bah, americani ignoranti.

  8. Josh

    29 August

    Dear Lord, my brilliance is becoming a burden…

  9. Deferio

    27 August

    “Just Shill-in”

  10. El Ocho

    27 August

    “Americans baristas know nothing about the preparation of espresso… oh wait, except Mike Philips because he’s the best”

  11. Deferio

    27 August

    “Leave the gun, take the can-illy”

  12. Deferio

    27 August

    “Bluftume, Bluftume…honk honk”

  13. Trey

    27 August

    “better than some…”

  14. nik orosi

    27 August

    beauty has a taste! yeah, right!

  15. dominator

    27 August

    “See, even this contest is not a real contest. The contests we have in Italy have bulls. And whips. And…and…stuff like that. And I don’t like how the words, “SPRUDGE.COM” are written in smaller print. Actually, I don’t like any of it, you second-class espresso makers.”

  16. bibi

    27 August

    Hey, you make-a my coffee inna a way I no like, Giorgio gonna breaka you face!

  17. Luigi

    27 August

    Va fancoffee!

  18. Wanslow

    27 August

    Shut up pussycat, and bring me a macchiato, pronto!

  19. cultr

    27 August


  20. Tumi Ferrer

    27 August

    In Italy we say: „Learn to walk before you run.“ In America I’ve found it to be „Learn to smoke before you go to Starbucks.“

  21. Giorgio says...

    27 August

    None of these captions are “true” comedy.

    In Italy we understand that true comedy must have a little farce (but not too much), a little satire (to balance the farce), a little wisecracking (which usually comes at the expense of Americans), good banter (which will depend on the preparation and type of people involved) and a punchline.

  22. Sam

    27 August

    Pah, foolish americans; you do not know eeespresso.

  23. James P

    27 August

    Illy-a un problem

  24. JAmes

    27 August

    I’ve been huffing Nitrogen for ten minutes and I’m still not high. *sigh*

  25. MJB

    27 August

    “Placing 27th was BitterSweet… Oh yeah, and Sour.”

  26. James P

    27 August

    The WBC has come a long way in 11 years, another decade and maybe they’ll be able to interpret true espresso and have a true champion. Sniff.

  27. Andrew

    26 August

    Bitter is the new black.

  28. Andrew

    26 August

    “Illy Sense – the reason us Italian’s keep winning Barista Comps”

  29. Ron

    26 August

    “I work at Illy, known first for fresh coffee.”

  30. Ray

    26 August

    This is merda! Make me another!!!

  31. Sandy

    26 August


  32. AK

    26 August

    “You must be KIDDING me aren’t you?!”

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