Menu Watch: Crafted Coffee Co. In Christchurch

Menu Watch: Crafted Coffee Co. In Christchurch

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From the ever-evolving world (thanks Prufrock!) of how specialty coffee shops manage their menu presentation, Crafted Coffee Co. in Christchurch, New Zealand have introduced a new way to order coffee.

A bit of a different look, eh? Just two sizes – “Small” and “Large” – with the cost of “takeaway” acknowledged and absorbed by the shop. Note that the “Dusting of choc” refers to the powdered chocolate that commonly tops cappuccinos in New Zealand and Australia.

Crafted Coffee owner Carl Sara (a legend in the specialty coffee competition world) discussed the implementation and meaning behind this new menu in his recent Tamper Tantrum Live talk in Nice, at the 2013 SCAE World of Coffee event. It’s a must-watch, and we’ll update this post as soon as Tamper Tantrum posts the full video, but in the meantime we’ll share our favorite quote from Mr. Sara’s presentation. On the topic of meeting the expectations of customers:

“We think we know what they want but they know what they want and want us to know what they want and we even want us to want the same thing that they want except sometimes we want them to want something different which really is what we want.”

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The Crafted Coffee Co. menu reminds us of the Patricia Coffee Brewers menu out of Melbourne, Australia:

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Black, White, and Filter available at Patricia Coffee Brewers in Melbourne.

What do you think? Are minimal menus the wave of the future? Sound off in the comments below!



  1. Uel Sveen

    3 October

    I think minimal menus are definitely the wave of the future. With a ‘coffee purist’ approach, a streamlined menu can highlight the different brew methods or single origins without ever putting all the milk and sugar stuff into a customer’s mind. I’ve been running a shop that started as just a cold-brew-only coffee cart, and now heading into fall, the menu is simply iced coffee, hot cold brew (the concentrate cut with hot water, Americano style), and Aeropress, all for a flat $3. We have one main blend and also rotate in some other beans, but we just tell the customers and it’s not on the board.
    And we have no espresso machine—only cold brew—which is actually working pretty well for now. Iced coffee is a very easy and approachable drink. Though for the cold months I think a machine will be necessary.
    Also, Mr. Sara’s quote is funny and true, but I’ve been running with the idea that people really don’t want to make choices, and it’s been working pretty well for both sides of the bar so far.

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