Congratulations to your 2014 United Kingdom Barista Championship finalists! They move on to compete at Finals Sunday, live from the London Coffee Festival. You can follow along with on-site coverage of the UKBC by following us on Twitter at @SprudgeLive. We’re here in London because of direct support from Cafe Imports and BUNN, and we’re proud to serve you this weekend as official media partners of the SCAE UK. All of our 2014 competition coverage as it happens around the world is anchored by Nuova Simonelli.

Here’s a complete running order for Finals Sunday at the 2014 UKBC.

From left to right: Harris, Gordon, Bright, Colonna-Dashwood, Meagher, and Altizo.

1. 10:15 John GordonSquare Mile Coffee Roasters, London @JohnGordon09 @squaremile

2. 11:00 Estelle BrightCaravan Coffee, London @Estelle_Coffee @caravanexmouth

3. 11:45 Don AltizoBaxter Storey, London @donaltizo @Baxter_Storey

4. 12:45  Dale HarrisHas Bean, Midlands @acousticcoffee

5. 1:45 Maxwell Colonna DashwoodColonna & Small’s, Bath @Colonna_Smalls

6. 2:30 Joe MeagherFlat Caps Coffee, Newcastle @FlatCapJoe

All times GMT.