Welcome back to another edition of Coffee Design, Sprudge Media’s popular feature series exploring the ever-colliding world of coffee and production design. We cover just about every facet of the design process here on Coffee Design, from art to packaging to brand new product creation, and today we’re taking a look at a new filter-and-coffee all-in-one patent-pending biodegradable and compostable product called Circles Coffee.

“No tools or machines,” they tell us. “Just hot water.” Sounds like a dream to me! Let’s learn more.

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circles pouring

Tell us about Circles Coffee—where are y’all based? When did you get started?

Circles Coffee is based in the SF Bay Area. We officially launched our first SKU—Sun Cycle Blend at the end of 2021 September through Kickstarter.

We are a team of roasters, Q-graders, and previously coffee wholesaler/retailer who wanted to simplify the steps of having great coffee. Our R&D started over two years ago to automate the processes of manufacturing the filters and packaging them.

Your product is unique—tell us a bit about the brew and the coffees used.

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Our product resembles a Flannel Drip, popularized in Japan and it brews an amazing cup of pour-over coffee. No tools or machines. Just hot water.

Our pocket-sized product reliably extracts smooth and bold flavors, so both casual lovers and coffee fanatics can spend less time tinkering, and more time savoring delicious coffee by just pouring in hot water. The coffee is roasted in-house by Circles Coffee Partner Alex Roberts. He has been in the SF Bay Area coffee scene and industry for the past 20 years. Sun Cycle is a medium roast blend of three coffees. The coffees are sourced by us from Brazil, Honduras, and Ethiopia.

circles coffee boxes

Who designed your product packaging?

Our Product is designed by Jin Fujiwara. He tried to blend a fun feeling to our innovative single serve filter.

What materials are used?

Our product is made of three parts: Filter, ground coffee, and outer film.

Our patent-pending (submitted Jan 2020) filter consists of two Biodegradable Product Institute approved round die-cut paper and a coffee filter to complete the single-serve pour-over form factor. Outer films are also made with industrially compostable materials from Natureflex.

Where are your products available?

Our products are available currently at our website. It will be available on Amazon soon, hopefully by the end of February 2022.

Any big plans or exciting offerings for 2022?

We are going Retail! We have already been accepted to some specialty grocery retailers such as Berkeley Bowl. We will be releasing more blends such as decaf and limited runs of single origin. We are in active discussions with other roasters who want to private label and utilize our technology.

Thank you so much! 

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