The Perfect Moose milk steamer was awarded SCA Best New Product 2021. When you know that 80% of coffees served are milk-based, automating the milk steaming process is the logical step to elevate coffee quality whilst creating a sustainable business.

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New standards in mi*lk coffee 

Coffee customers with a taste for the good stuff have set a new standard in the overall coffee experience. Whereas coffee evolved from a morning pick-me-up towards a high-end delight served by tattooed baristas, customers are now also expecting high-quality milk coffees in general catering businesses and restaurants.

Passion meets good business

Unfortunately, you can’t run a business on passion alone. Real issues such as time management, temporary staff, and training costs are not always taken into account. 

Jan Adriaens, a Belgian engineer and the man behind smart automated milk foamer Perfect Moose, saw this evolution take shape and decided to do something about it. “Getting the milk froth right is a true skill and quite a time-consuming part of the coffeemaking process. By automating it we want to provide consistent quality for everybody and improve workflow efficiency without ever losing the passion for the product.”

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No boring push-button uniformity

Perfect Moose was the very first automated milk steamer on the market and continues to set the trend. 

Jan Adriaens: For us, the passion of creating always remains key. It is never our intention to impose a certain taste or uniformize the coffee experience by automation. Quite the contrary: we encourage baristas and bars to keep an open mind. The Perfect Moose automatic frother can be used with the milk or plant-based alternatives of your choice, your desired temperature and texture… all things enabling the coffee professional to experiment, make new combinations, go veggie, buy local milk, reduce costs… automation yes, but always with a personal twist.“ 

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How does the Perfect Moose work?

Thanks to smart RFID technology, Perfect Moose automatically recognizes the type and amount of milk you are dosing and then foams it to top-quality microbubble foam. You can stick to standard settings or adjust texture and temperature as desired. 

  1. Pour your milk or plant-based drink of choice into a smart moose pitcher. Up to you how much.
  2. Place the filled pitcher onto the foamer and let go. Barista hands are now free to engage otherwise.
  3. Foam. Perfect Moose starts the steaming process automatically when you put the filled pitcher on. No need to push any buttons.
  4. Ready. Take the pitcher off, pour and you’re done.

The secret lies in the smart RFID technology, enabling the smart moose pitchers to ‘communicate’ with the Perfect Moose device. All parameters are combined and the steaming cycle is automatically adjusted accordingly.

Watch how the Perfect Moose works.

SCA Award for coffee innovator Perfect Moose

Chains, independent coffee bars but also bakeries and restaurants have warmed up for the idea of milk steaming automation and embrace the help of the Perfect Moose on a daily basis. 

Global Specialty Coffee Association SCA awarded the Perfect Moose as Best Product 2021 recognizing the advantages for current industry trends such as the overall need for consistent (milk) coffee quality, the rise of plant-based drinks, pandemic issues such as shortage of staff and takeaway trends, waste reduction, support for local milk suppliers, sustainability…. 

Having a trusted organization like SCA believe in what we believe feels like a major yes! to always taking it one step further. So that is what we’ll do.’ – Adriaens concludes. 

Perfect Moose USA Inc is hiring:

– New Business developer aka networking wonder worker

– Technical Sales Support aka Perfect Moose Doctor 

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Meet the Moose live

Specialty Coffee Expo Boston , Massachusetts | April 8-10, 2022

National Restaurant Show, Chicago IL | | May 21-24, 2022

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