Tracing the genesis of natural wine’s emergent popularity in the United States is a complicated thing; there’s some French influence (read: catching up on a trend they have a few decade head start on) but there are still producers like Tony Coturri in California who have been making minimal intervention wine since there were even terms—or a devoted following—for it. Still, while America’s glou-glou Patient Zero is up for debate, there is no question about the integral role The Ten Bells in New York City played in popularizing natural wine in the US. And as Eater NY reports, the wine bar penned a new chapter this week with the opening of a second location, this one in Brooklyn.

Located at 65 Irving Avenue in Bushwick, the new The Ten Bells takes over the former Walter’s Coffee Roastery, a Breaking Bad-inspired coffee shop originally started in Istanbul whose attempt at establishing itself as an international brand with locations in Doha, Dubai, and NYC all appear to have gone the way of Vamanos Pest. Per Eater, the new location will be slightly larger than the original Ten Bells in the Lower East Side and includes an “expanded outdoor garden area.”

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“It’s the perfect location,” says the Ten Bells Brooklyn co-owner Adrien Angelvy. “We can’t wait to offer Brooklyn what we’ve offered Manhattan for over a decade.”

The new location will port over many of the staple menu items from the LES location—”lamb meatballs, oysters, patatas bravas, steak tartare, and charcuterie boards”—but will include a slowly-expanding set of Bushwick-only food offerings. Along with their monthly-changing wine list, The Ten Bells Brooklyn has a full liquor license, unlike the original location, which will allow them “the opportunity to serve things like cognac and grappa that are in line with what Ten Bells does best,” Angelvy tells Eater.

Though only recently opened to the public, the project has been ready to go for a year now, Eater states. But with the pandemic limiting occupancy, the team at The Ten Bells was waiting for the “appropriate time to finally welcome customers inside.” That time was last week. For more information on The Ten Bells, their current offering list, and hours, visit the bar’s official website.

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