Those loveable loons over at Lifehacker have posted a fun weekend project for coffee lovers of all ages! It requires a white coffee mug, a sharpie, a regular old oven, and your imagination. If you need another activity to entertain your little ducklings once the egg dye has been set (or after you’ve hidden the afikoman), why not try this?

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More from LifeHacker:

All you need are white mugs or plates (find them super-cheap at thrift stores or restaurant supply stores), and an ordinary Sharpie permanent marker. You can go crazy freehand and just start drawing on the plates or write your name or favorite quote on the mugs, or you can take some time and make a stencil to fill in with black or multi-colored markers for more intricate designs. When you’re finished, just pop the mugs or plates into the oven (while cold) and bring it up to 350°F (~175°C) for about a half-hour to set the design.

So get crafting! And send us your art at!

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