Maybe you spent the last week lounging on the beaches of some remote island off the coast of Washington, or maybe you just had a job and kids and a real life that kept you busy. Whatever the case may be, here’s all the coffee news you missed in the last 7 days —all in one spot. It’s like a fun-sized candy bar, only it’s not a candy bar—it’s just words.

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Your World Barista Championship Finals In Words and Pictures: After being narrowed down from a field of 51 competitors, we saw 6 WBC Finalists on the biggest stage blow us away. We’ve got exclusive photos and in depth essays on each of the competitors and their routines. You don’t wanna miss this one—here it is!

We released exclusive WBC videos that you didn’t get to see! We made a whole heap of new videos at this year’s World Barista Championship – some for the competitors, and some for the commercials that aired between routines. Watch them all back-to-back, Netflix style right here on YouTube, where you can find more than 100 (!) other Sprudge Videos.


Liz Clayton took a look the Very Best Coffee At Grand Central Terminal in NYC. With more than 21 million annual visitors, the iconic Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan is one of New York City’s loveliest – and busiest – public spaces. Ms. Clayton proves that Grand Central isn’t just a place to hop on and off trains—it’s also home to a dizzying array of specialty coffee options, delicious espressos, bright and lovely filter coffees, and every imaginable brewing doodad are available to purchase. All aboard, amirite?!

Our dedicated New York City staff writer Alex Bernson (@AlexBernson) teamed up with legendary photographer Ben Spell (@BenSpell) – to bring us these drool-inducing shots of Intelligentsia‘s brand new bar in Chelsea, NYC and 17 Excellent Geeky Details At The New Intelligentsia NYC Cafe. If you’ve been brainwashed by twitter and can no longer read more than 140 characters at a time like me, this is a really easy read—it’s basically like scrolling through your twitter feed.

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Glanville & Babinski’s opened their new cafe at Grand Central Market (GCM) in LA, and Julie Wolfson has the latest scoop. She sat down with both the G and the B in G&B to talk everything from the long bar to the menu to some of the exciting new “spirits-inspired” espresso drinks they’ll be offering. G&B + GCM 4EVER.

DCILY reported that Koppi, the feisty Helsingborg outfit, has opened a pop up shop In Stockholm adjacent to raw denim purveyors Denim Demon. The DCILY feature has gorgeous photos and loads more info on the shop. WIC rejoice!


Harald Johnsen Vøyle and his sister, Ingri M. Johnsen, armed themselves with a notebook and a camera, then went on a whirlwind dazzle-tour of the MICE merry-go-round. They took a look at the brand new Slayer One Group Espresso Machine and broke down some of the new features—we’ve got seven words for you: digital touch interface with fingertip swipe technology.

Steve Albini of the AV Club (and founder of the band Shellac) endorsed Kopi Luwak on a recent feature so we took a second to shred-ucate him on the ATROCITIES OF CIVET ABUSE and recommend a few local Chicago cafes with better coffee that he could visit. Take THAT, weasel poop coffee.

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We woke up the next day to a really thoughtful email from Steve Albini about weasel poop coffee in our inbox.

It was a big week for specialty coffee in the mainstream media for a lot of different—VERY different—reasons. Here’s a really quick rundown of what’s been floating around out there:

Seattle Weekly published a piece on the rebirth of Seattle Coffee, highlighting Milstead & Co and the folks at Slate Coffee.

Reuters took some time to distill the rising popularity in the growing craft coffee industry – and they do it quite nicely.

The second season of the Sprudgie Award Winning Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is returning June 13!

A HAIR ON THE STEAM WAND, JERRY! (Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee)
A HAIR ON THE STEAM WAND, JERRY! (Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee)

Toddlers In Tiaras has a new breakout star, Alexa, the two-year-old coffee drinker. We asked our readers to sound-off about T&T, toddlers and coffee, and feeding children hot dog buns for breakfast (and boy howdy, did they ever) – including a comment from Alexa’s mother, Tori:

Well this is my daughter- its not a hot dog its a kolache…..Also that ending clip was taken at 12:30 at night ;)

Thanks for writing in, Tori! Until next week!

Seattle Doodle

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