Last Week With Ben Blake – Week Of July 13th...

Last Week With Ben Blake – Week Of July 13th, 2013

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Maybe you spent the last week arguing glassware and drinking vessels on Twitter, or maybe you were just too busy enjoying your coffee and the people around you. Whatever the case may be, here’s all the coffee news you missed in the last 7 days —all in one spot. It’s like a brandy snifter, only way less pretentious.


Relief: Our friends and partners at Intelligentsia are carrying on the tradition of coffee-sponsored cycling events by becoming the title sponsors for “The Intelligentsia Cup.” This cycling series takes place in 8 cities throughout Wisconsin and Illinois. The event benefits “World Bicycle Relief,” whose main focus is on the design and manufacture of bicycles equipped to handle African terrain; you could well see bikes funded by the Intelligentsia Cup helping farmers in Kenya or Rwanda deliver coffee cherries to collection sites and washing stations. So cool.

In conjunction with this event, Intelli are donating $2 from every bag of their Yirgacheffe Ethiopia to World Bicycle Relief, beginning today, July 8th, and running until July 21st.

Go buy coffee and attend this free event!


Read: We took a look at the brand new coffee book “Perfect Coffee at Home” from former Marines Michael Haft & Harrison Suarez. The two friends, fresh off a stint in Afghanistan jumped head first into the world of coffee and decided to write an entire book about it. This fully interactive e-book features an immersive and interactive reading experience complete with how-to videos, recipe cards, interactive graphs, and brewing checklists.

Satire: The New York Times ran an essay by comedy journal editor Jay Ruttenberg entitled “Java Jive.” Mr. Ruttenberg eloquently/barbarically expressed his poetic/long-winded take on the specialty/pretentious coffee world and painted a picture/outrageous caricature of the entire industry. We’re not going to tell you what to think, but we loved it/ hated it.

Speaking of pretension…

Shade: Coffee Geek’s Mark Prince “dropped a Prince” all over the Twitter World on Thursday evening with this tweet:

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 10.34.50 AM

Obviously, everyone had something to say on twitter about glassware and drinking vessels, which got us thinking… “I bet there are at least 12 More Painfully Elitist, Hipstery, Put-Offish Espresso Vessels in which espresso has been served in.”


The shade.

(Editors note – On Friday, Mark Prince issued a heartfelt apology to those who may have taken this particular Prince Drop to heart and there might be a “meeting of the minds” in the works. Developing… -LS)


Go Get Em Tiger, Los Angeles

Los Angeles: Julie Wolfson paid a visit to LA’s “Go Get Em Tiger,” a brand-new Cafe from G&B’s Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinsky. These two specialty coffee magnates teamed up with Abel Eljam to transform his Baskin Robbins into 31 flavors of beautiful coffee bar…or something like that. This is a truly unique collaboration and a nice addition to the LA coffee scene. Congrats, gang!


Monocle Cafe, London

London: Fresh from our London Desk, staff-writer Elyse Bouvier took a look at Marylebone’s brand new “Monocle Cafe.” This simple and elegant cafe has a distinctly Japanese-designed influence and offers a “size-less” menu. While the coffee may not be world class, Ms. Bouvier explains that if you’re looking for a “place in London with a pronounced Tokyo vibe” and maybe an order of Swedish cardamom rolls, this is the perfect place for you.

Kris Wood

Kris Wood

Melbourne: Over on the Australian side-of-the-world, our Melbourne-based staff writer Eileen P. Kenny showed us around the Charming Mini-Wonderland Of Clement Coffee Roasters. This beautiful cafe touts “beautifully painted walls, light-grain wood benches, dark leather aprons (made by Tettman Doust) and a black Kees Van Der Westen Spirit espresso machine.”

Also In Melbs: We broke the news this past week that there’s a pretty remarkable event happening at the end of July in Melbourne. The folks at St. ALi Family have teamed up with Melbourne City Mission – Victoria’s oldest charitable organization, established in 1845 – to put together a week of remarkable specialty coffee work education and outreach, as taught by some of the brightest minds across Melbourne’s specialty coffee scene. More on this amazing collaboration!

Omaha: Our 2013 Edition of “Build-Outs of Summer” is back! We kicked things off with an interview with Kait Berreckman of Omaha’s Beansmith Coffee. It’s their first venture into the beverage-serving side of things, and they couldn’t be more excited.


Roman Candle, PDX

Portland: Stumptown founder Duane Sorenson has teamed up with pastry chef Dan Griffin (formally of Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery) to open a bakery, pizza place, and cafe housed in the former Stumptown roastery on Southeast Division Street called “Roman Candle Baking Company.” This latest venture is a bakery first, and inspired by all things Italian.

Shanghai: Jacqui Raquel spent 24-hours drinking coffee in Shanghai, and gave us an incredible look inside of the coffee culture thanks to the invaluable insights of shop owners, trainers, and managers.

Listen: The newest episode of Alexandra Littlejohn’s worldwide podcast phenomenon, “Coffee Uncut”, is available if you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. This week’s episode focuses entirely on Ecuador.

Watch: Video-of-the-week – Diego Stocco’s “Huge Coffee” is an auditory exploration in caffeinated sonance that’s so  fresh and so hot, it melted the waterproof mics he used to capture it with. It’s quite literally a coffee-made symphony.

Diego Stocco – Huge Coffee from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.




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