2 Coffee Items Appear On Buzzfeed’s 24 Most ...

2 Coffee Items Appear On Buzzfeed’s 24 Most Pretentious Things Ever

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Buzzfeed staff writer Luke Lewis recently wrote an immensely popular “24 most pretentious things ever” and naturally, out of those twenty-four items, two were focused on coffee. Listen, 2 out of 24 isn’t that bad. It’s like, what, 8% or something? Out of all the most pretentious things in the history of everything, only 8% involves coffee.

Making it to number #17 was this detailed coffee list from Knockbox Coffee in Hong Kong. It’s the opinion of Luke Lewis that extensive information on coffee’s growing location and flavor notes are “pretentious”. Is it?

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#1 is a picture of St. Ali owner Salvatore Malatesta making a siphon. Author Luke Lewis isn’t saying that Salvatore is pretentious, but the siphon is. In all the world, and its great multicultural expressions of pretentiousness, BuzzFeed actually thinks that making a siphon is The Most Pretentious Thing Ever? There’s nothing more pretentious on earth than making a siphon?

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We think this brew method we came up with is far more pretentious (and awesome):


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