Last Week With Ben Blake – Week of October 1...

Last Week With Ben Blake – Week of October 12th, 2013


The Most Elegantly Designed Cafe in New York? We got a behind the scenes look at the La Colombe’s flagship cafe in NYC’s NoHo neighborhood from Alex Bernson. He transposed his observations and experience at the cafe into an eloquently-written piece on workflow, aesthetic, and how La Colombe NoHo is “taking in the vibrant energy of the city, building on it, and reflecting it back in a more refined way.”

La Colombe Final-85

I’m gonna level with you — if you read one coffee thing this week, make it this one. There are enough takeaways, beautiful photos, and thinking points to satiate the appetite of any sane coffee lover out there.


Is This The Greatest Coffee TV Show Ever? Sprudge Pop Culture Writer Eric J. Grimm clued us into the wonder that is “Coffee Prince”—a coffee TV show that he plucked from the “treasure trove of Korean dramas” on Hulu Plus and plopped into our laps. This show has it all—a strong female lead, an excellent balance of K-pop and 90s American hits, lots of homoeroticism, and varied brewing apparati. Mr. Grimm makes a pretty convincing case for why Coffee Prince should be your new favorite coffee TV show.


Are These Things Your Barista Does Make You The Happiest Person Ever Right NowWe got a bit tired of all the cute little lists floating around the internet that flippantly lay out all the reasons that baristas are complete diva nutcases, so we summoned some list-power of our own. Here are 8 things that your barista does to make you happy. Feel-better cookies for everyone!

Gallery Funny and Creative Tip Jars  (10)

Is This The Worst Collection Of Tip Jars You Have Ever Seen? We were feeling a little bit list-y this week, so we compiled this wonderful list of horrid tip jars. It’s got everything from Drug Money to Jesus to Sarah Palin. What will they think of next?


Are These The Scariest Coffee Stories To Tell In The Dark? Speaking of horrid things, we put together this halloween-y list of Coffee Scary Stories that you may or may not be able to relate to. There’s no shortage of terrifying gifs, spilt milk, and forgotten pastry monies…even if you’ve managed to avoid all of these situations, don’t forget…it could happen to (at this point, pause. Then jump at the person next to you and shout:) YOU!

The Freakiest Viral Coffee Video Ever? There was no shortage of freaky this week on, and just when you thought you couldn’t take any more, we came across this gem—a 21st century new media viral marketing campaign for the remake of Carrie. This coffee shop prank involves an angry telekinetic customer and is all kinds of amazing—don’t miss the bagel drop at the 1:44 mark.

Amor Y Amargo 9-22-9

Is Coffee The Best Cocktail Ingredient In The World Right Now? Alex Bernson had a chat with Sother Teague and Natalie Czech, of Manhattan’s Amor y Amargo. This East Village bar, founded by Mr. Teague, is unapologetic in its focus on unusual spirits and flavor profiles–the name translates to “Love and Bitter“, which means no juices and very few sweeteners behind the bar. On weekends, Amor y Amargo puts on an innovative coffee-cocktail and food service called “Double Buzz”. The coffee side of things is headed by Natalie Czech, until recently the Head Barista at Chef Danny Meyer’s Maialino (featured previously on Sprudge), who expertly prepares a selection of Counter Culture coffees.


The Best Coffee & Fried Donut Joint in NOLA? New Orleans has had a specialty coffee “kablooey” moment and is now the proud owner of a full-fledged coffee scene. We took a world-first look behind the scenes at District Donuts.Sliders.Brew., a Donuts, Sliders, and Coffee joint in New Orleans’ Lower Garden District. Cold Brew Ice Cream Floats may or may not have been involved. (Spoiler Alert: they were).

Ben Blake is the genius behind Draw Coffee (@DrawCoffee), a working barista atPeregrine Espresso in Washington DC,  and a regular contributor to Read more Ben Blake here!




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