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 Ed note: The UW Huskies would go on to lose this game. We still stand by the editorial opinion that appears below. 

It’s another college football Saturday here in the United States, and today the folks at ESPN GameDay are in Seattle, Washington for this afternoon’s University of Washington vs. University of Oregon football match-up. What is ESPN GameDay, you ask? It’s a roaming morning college football TV show, hosted by ex-college sports stars and pundits. They move the show around to different cities in the US each week, usually on the same day as a big matchup, which today’s certainly is: UW is 16th ranked in the country, UO is ranked 2nd. The University of Washington has not beaten the University of Oregon in 9 long years, which, to put things in perspective, was before Verve, St. Ali, Dogwood, Modbar, Ben Kaminsky or the iPhone were even invented. The last time UW beat Oregon, Stumptown had 2 stores.

So anyway, it’s a big game, and we care for several reasons: Jordan Michelman,’s co-founder and editor, is a UW alumni (CHID department, class of 07); our publication is based in Portland, Oregon, whose sports talk radio stations have just been insufferable fonts of homerism nonsense in favor of the Ducks for the last week or so; but most important, today’s episode of College GameDay featured coffee service from our friends at Slayer and Tony’s Coffee. Here’s photographic proof:

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That’s David Yake (second from left) of Tony’s Coffee and Scott Baldwin (second from right) of Slayer with the staff of College GameDay, at their set on UW’s Red Square.


Here’s Mr. Baldwin making coffee on a Slayer in the early morning hours.

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Here’s a behind the scenes view. It was very, very early in the morning when this photo was taken, and yet, look at all those thousands of people with quirky football signs. America is weird.


Another view from backstage. We guess there were some Oregon Ducks fans there too? Man, the Oregon Ducks really suck a lot. Just the worst. They still keep showing that stupid Kenny Wheaton interception replay from 1994 – don’t you people have more highlights? Your gimmick offense is overrated and only works in college football, where you can have like 90 extra nameless, faceless random guys on the bench. Your team (and recruiting) are quasi-questionably-semi-legally overfunded by Phil Knight and Nike, who should just go and actually buy an NFL team, instead of fake-buying a nominally public funded university’s college football program. Go Dawgs.

For much more from today’s College GameDay lunacy in Seattle, check out Deadspin’s essential weekly breakdown of the broadcast.

Photos courtesy of Scott Baldwin & David Yake. 

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