Blogs are absolutely gagging (the good kind of gagging) over the Royal Coffee Maker:

Once only available to European aristocracy (who, clearly, have ample countertop space to store them), these elaborate, whooshing specialty brewers are now available to commoners. Want to guess how much they cost?

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The classic copper model, shown above, is only (drumroll…) $595. If you are, you know, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, there’s a 24-karat gold version with demitasse cups, a serving tray, and gold spoons for $1,995. Butler not included.

All joking aside, what’s the appeal of this contraption? Well, it’s mainly about showmanship. This type of coffee maker is meant to wow dinner guests as it siphons perfect-temperature water from the metal canister into the glass carafe, where it mixes with the grounds, goes through a gold filter, and pours out of the spout.

Coffee made this way is supposed to have superior purity of flavor, with no bitterness. The only thing that made us pause and nod in all seriousness was the fact that you can add flavorings to the carafe—liqueur, chocolate, etc.—and create a flavored coffee during the brewing process.

You can learn more here on the Royal Coffee Maker website, including their exclusive recipe for a “Black Forrest Mocha” (oof). For more on Lady Grantham, click here, then here.

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