A stunning custom espresso machine in time for the holidays? Thank you, Santa. Seattle-based La Marzocco Home are teaming up with Specht Design from Melbourne for a limited edition custom outfitted GS3 espresso machine, the next iteration in LM Home’s ongoing Craftman Series, profiled previously on Sprudge. The project kicks off the launch of LM Home in Australia, and offers US consumers a chance to check out Specht founder / designer Dan Schonknecht, whose custom espresso machine design work has a worldwide following.



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Designed and manufactured in Australia, this custom machine has a Mannex white body with matte black chrome accents, paired to American oak side panels, group cap and paddle. Perhaps its most unique embellishment is the machine’s “periscope manometer on the group that allows users to manipulate pressure with pressure being read in the group head”, as per La Marzocco. This gadget evokes something nautical, or perhaps even the Mad Scientist’s laboratory (pronounced “lah-BOR-a-tory”).

This periscope reads the pressure at the group.
This periscope manometer reads the pressure at the group.

The machine’s drain gate comes pre-installed with an Acaia Lunar scale (2015 Sprudgie Award winner for Best New product), as well as Specht Design’s custom side mounted steam lever. As a GS3 model this could certainly work in an espresso bar, or would be a real jewel of wonder for the well-appointed home espresso geek, dork, or nerd in your life.

Acaia scale embedded in the drip tray.
Acaia scale embedded in the drip tray.

The La Marzocco x Specht Design GS3 retails for $9,500 via La Marzocco Home. This is an extremely limited release, with select machines available for the United States market, along with machines allocated for users in Australia. And while a GS3 won’t fit in any but the very largest of stockings, once they’re gone, they’re gone—I’m sure you’ll find a little room under the tree.

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