Quality and convenience are two worlds colliding in the specialty coffee sphere. Whereas once it was pour-overs or Nespresso pods, single origin coffees or Folgers crystals, there’s been a coalescence of the two sides in the past half-decade or so, creating all manner of high-quality, ultra-convenient coffee options. One such expression has been the proliferation of meticulously sourced and roasted single-origin coffee capsules. Globally renown coffee brands like Colonna Coffee, Cupping Room Coffee Roasters, and St. Ali have all dove headfirst into the capsule market, but there has always been one limiting factor in the overall cup: the machine. Built for convenience over versatility, Nespresso capsule machines don’t exactly allow for users to tailor the brew parameters for fit the coffee they are making or their taste preferences.

Enter the Morning Machine, a brand-new Nespresso capsule-compatible machine created by industry veterans Leon Foo and Andre Chanco that gives the user more control over their convenience. And it’s live on Kickstarter now!

Founders of Singapore’s PPP Coffee and Yardstick Coffee in The Philippines (featured here on Sprudge), respectively, Foo and Chanco are no strangers to both the worlds of specialty coffee and the capsule market, with both companies putting out their own versions of coffee pods for some time now. But with the new Morning Machine, Foo and Chanco are looking to push the flavor boundaries of capsule coffee even further.

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Unlike Nespresso machines, the Morning Machine grant users more control over the final cup via programmable brew temperature, pressure profiling, and a built-in scale. Using a connected smartphone app, users are able to adjust any of these variables to suit the capsule they are using or they can choose from a pre-programmed set of brew parameters.

More than just a machine, though, Morning has partnered with pod-friendly specialty coffee roasters around the world to create a capsule marketplace whereby users can choose from a bevy of options or even set up a subscription. And each of the partner roasters—including Volcano Coffee Works, April, and the Coffee Academics—has helped create a pre-programmed brew guide to be used with each of their coffees, which will be released once the Morning Machine has moved to production.

With three weeks still left in the campaign, the Morning Machine Kickstarter has nearly doubled is $58,000 goal. But there are still a ton of deep discount reward options for interested backers, including a Morning Machine and 20 capsules for $328, a 33% discount off the retail price. Rewards has an estimated delivery date in December 2020.

For more information, visit Morning’s official website, and to back the campaign, visit the Morning Machine’s Kickstarter page.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

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