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In the latest episode of web series “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee,” comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Patton Oswalt spend a little quality time with our friends and partners at Los Angeles’ Handsome Coffee Roasters. We reported on the filming back in October, and now the full episode is out for the world to see.

This marks the first time the series has ever been inside a roasting facility – and the first time Seinfeld’s show has ever gone to downtown Los Angeles. “Why would anyone go downtown?” Seinfeld asks Oswalt. “Because downtown is becoming Brooklyn,” Oswalt retorts. “We’re going to a place called Handsome Coffee Roasters,” Patton explains, “Their life is just coffee – and it’s the most perfect coffee.”

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The two giggle about the cafe’s lack of sweetener, goofy coffee blend names, Keith Oberman’s career path, and barista competitor Tyler Wells and his plans to compete come February.

Sprudge staff writer Julie Wolfson even makes an appearance!

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Watch the whole thing right here:

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